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Marco SchiavoItalian born pianist Marco Schiavo studied at the Conservatory of Avellino where he graduated magna cum laude. He has had many notable teachers and gave his international debut in 1992 with two concerts in Moscow and St. Petersburg. During his brilliant concert career he has been invited to perform by prestigious institutions, worldwide, in major cities such as Rome, Milan (Sala Verdi), Paris, Madrid, Berlin, Prague (Rudolfinum) Tokyo, Sydney (Opera House), Dubai, New York (Carnegie Hall), Buenos Aires (Teatro Colon), Vienna (Musikverein and Konzerthaus) and beyond. He has played with notable orchestras such as the Russian Symphony Orchestra, Orchestra of Estado de México, The Colorado Symphony Orchestra, The New York Simphonic Orchestra, Budapest Symphony Orchestra and many others. His concerts have been broadcast internationally in Spain, Brazil, Canada, Australia, Germany, Italy and beyond and he has recorded several CD’s and DVD. He has taught at Messina and Bari’s Conservatory and he has given special courses and master classes internationally ( Japan, USA, Australia).

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Velia Festival in New York

February 27th, 2011 - Carnegie hall, 7.30 p.m.

Velia Festival at Carnegie Hall in New York on February 27th, 2011.…

Kieler Nachrichten

kiel, Germany

Elevated artistic maturity…. Brillant easiness… Extraordinarily exciting Beethoven “Adagio” of the piano sonata op. 2 n.3… (B. Stubendorff) Continue reading


via Roma, 27 - 84040 Casal Velino (Sa) - Italia
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Marco Schiavo


Valèry Poliansky, conductor
Piano Concerto n.1, in C Major op.15
1 Allegro con brio 18:12
2 Largo 10:54
3 Rondo 9:02 Continue reading

Marco Schiavo

piano & disklavier

 Album Marco SchiavoI MURALES
Suite for disklavier or several pianos
1 Lentamente 4:53
2 Veloce 3.54
3 Recitato ad libitum 7.12
4 Rapido 4.45
5 Mosso con ironia 6.34 Continue reading

Trio Beethoven

Trio Beethoven

Trio Beethoven Album Marco SchiavoTRIO op.11
1 Allegro con brio 9:08
2 Adagio 4.18
3 Tema e variazioni “pria ch’io” 6:53
TRIO op.11
4 Adagio 1:10
5 Allegro con brio 8:06 Continue reading

Fredryck Chopin

concerto per pianoforte e orchestra n.1 in Mi Minore op.11

 Album Marco SchiavoF. Chopin
concerto per pianoforte e orchestra n.1 in Mi Minore op.11
1 – Allegro Maestoo
2- Romanza:Larghetto
3- Rondò: Vivace
Johann Strauss Jr
4- Sul bel Danubio Blu Continue reading